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Attendance Information

Students are permitted to receive financial aid up to their cost of attendance less their EFC(Expected Family Contribution).

We use the following information in determining our cost of attendance for a full-time student.

Cost of Attendance


  • EFC (Expected Family Contribution)
  • Pell Grant (If eligible)
  • PHEAA state grant (if eligible)
  • SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant - if eligible)
  • outside aid (if eligible can include OVR, Job Training, TAA or any other govt. agency).
  • scholarships (if eligible)
  • tuition assistance (if eligible)


This amount may be borrowed in subsidized loans up to $ 3,500 for 1st year and $4,500 for 2nd year. Students who do not have any unmet need or limited unmet need are permitted to borrow the difference in Unsubsidized loans for the difference.