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Personal & Professional Enrichment

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Business & Professional - Small business owners, HR professionals, managers & leaders

Computers & Technology - Computer basics, MS Excel, MS Windows 10, and more 

Culinary & Spirits -  Gnocchi, Pasta, Pierogis, Ravioli, Easter Bread, and Sample wines in our Wine Series

Fine Arts - Photography, pottery, painting, watercolor, and more 

Fitness & Sports - Yoga, pilates, kickboxing, golf, and more

Languages - Spanish, sign language, Italian

Lifelong Learners - FREE or REDUCED tuition for Adult Learners (You much be 65 and over to attend)

Special Interests - Dog grooming, driver safety, ... and much more. 

Youth & Teens - Artsy Crafts, Battle BOTS, Love of Legos, and Ultimate College Search.


Culinary & Spirits

Wine Series - Broaden Your Palate image

SPRING WINE SERIES - Classes meet at the Wooden Angel, Beaver, Tues., 7-8:30 p.m.

Wine Series Discounted Special CULI01009 • $40 + $100 Lab
Take all 4 classes and save $20 for attending all sessions! Refunds only if written notification is received before first session.

Wine 101 - Zin Fest CULI01005 • $10 + $30 Lab
Although it has origins in Croatia and family ties to Primitivo in Italy, Zinfandel has become a California institution and celebrated every year. Big, bold character makes it an American favorite and definitely NOT pink!   2/20.

Wine 102 - Wines of Australia CULI01006 • $10 + $30 Lab
Let's call it a comeback.  After several years of market downturn, the Aussies are back on top of the wine game. 3/20.

Wine 103 - Bubbles CULI01007 • $10 + $30 Lab
If you enjoy champagnem but only for special occasions due to its price, learn what other countries produce sparkling wines that don't break the bank. 4/17.

Wine 104 - Rose CULI01008 • $10 + $30 Lab
Think pink!  But, just not any pink wine will do.  Learn more about the wine that originates from the South of France with a beloved style that is produced around the world. 5/15.