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Now is the time to start your career!
The need for Air Traffic Controllers is at an all time high. The FAA projections indicate that 16,980 Air Traffic Control Specialists will be hired through the year 2017.

How do I get hired by the FAA?

The FAA hires from three sources:

  • Former military controllers (VRA)
  • Off the street hiring
  • Graduates from FAA certified colleges under the Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) program

What are the advantages of getting hired through the CTI program?

  • The CTI program was specifically designed by the FAA to fill their hiring needs
  • Training through CTI colleges provides a solid base of knowledge and skills upon which to build your career
  • A college degree


What qualities should an Air Traffic Controller possess?

The FAA is looking for individuals who are:

  • Motivated
  • Decisive
  • Committed
  • Self confident

    If you possess these qualities, an exciting career awaits!