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Visit the Beaver County Sports Hall of Fame in the CCBC Athletics & Event Center

The CCBC Athletics and Events Center

The Athletics and Events Center - The Golden Dome

The geodesic Dome, that is the focal point on the CCBC campus, has a colorful history.  One of only eight remaining geodesic dome structures in the nation, the CCBC Dome is home to all the athletic and events on campus.

Built in 1975, this unique spherical shell structure is based on a network of great circles (geodesics) lying on the surface of a sphere. Originally painted gold, over the years the weather has robbed the Dome of its golden glow, but the name has stuck. Residents, young and old still refer to the landmark as the Golden Dome.

During the 2008-09 campus renovation, passionate discussion over the removal of the Dome to make way for a more traditional athletic center took place. The Dome won but immediately went into a massive overhaul.  New insulation throughout the sphere, new air-conditioning system (the Dome was not originally air-conditioned) plus renovated electrical and duct work brought the sphere to the 21st century. 

Today it is titled the CCBC Athletics and Events Center but it will always remain in the hearts of the Beaver County community, alumni and students as the Golden Dome. 

See you at the Dome!