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LPN to ADN Bridge Program Admission Instructions

Your road to your future starts at CCBC and WACTC. Follow these steps:

Western Area Career and Technology Center – Canonsburg Site
LPN to ADN Bridge Program Admission Instructions

1. Submit an admissions application 

  • Choose the CCBC Main Application
  • Be sure to choose the Washington County site when given an option

2.  Have any previous college, high school, and Practical Nursing transcripts and/or GED sent before July 4th to:

                CCBC/Information Registration
                1 Campus Drive 
                Monaca, PA 15061

  •  PA GED – Information available on our website.

3. Apply for Financial Aid

We urge every student to apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is the universal method of determining eligibility for aid.

  • Our school code is 006807
  • Apply online at

4. Register for the NACE I Foundations Exam.

All students will be required to take the NACE I Foundations Exam.  The information on the following page is included on the exam.  We will have at least two test dates:  July 11th 10AM – 2PM and July 18th 4PM - 8PM.  Potential students may begin scheduling exams on May 30th by going to the following site:   You will be required to set up an account on the site before registering.  PLEASE BE SURE TO NOTE YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION AND BRING IT WITH YOU TO THE EXAM.  We will not have access to this information.  Once you have signed up for the exam a practice exam will be made available to you through the store on the NLN site.   The cost of the exam is currently $60.

*Seating is limited so schedule early. 

Foundations of Nursing (NACE I)

Foundations of Nursing has individual questions involving clients with common health problems. The nursing process – assessing, analyzing, planning, implementing and evaluating – is applied in items throughout the test. The questions include a sample of situations involving clients in health care settings with one or more of the following conditions.

  • Pain
  • Chronicillness
  • Fluidandelectrolyteimbalance
  • Deathanddying
  • Incontinence
  • Preoperativecare
  • Infectiousdisease
  • Postoperativecare
  • Lossofconsciousness
  • Stress

The Content areas are divided into the following general headings:

  • BasicHealthNeedsPhysiologic
  • NeedsHygiene
  • ComfortSafety
  • BodyAlignment
  • Exerciseandambulation
  • Rest and sleep
  • NutritionElimination
  • Respirationandcirculation
  • Fluidsandelectrolytebalance
  • Growthanddevelopment
  • Psychosocial
  • Sexuality
  • Spiritualpreference, culturalSelf-esteem
  • BelongingStimulationLossanddeath
  • Self-actualization
  • Security
  • Defensemechanisms
  • Growthanddevelopment
  • CommunicationDocumentation
  • VerbalCommunication
  • Non-VerbalCommunication
  • General Principles ofMedication
  • Administration
  • Moral/Ethical/LegalIssues

5. CCBC requires placement testing.  Please read the information carefully to determine if you will need to take the placement test.

6. Additional Information

Note:  Pre-requisite Requirements:  The State Board of Nursing requires that all nursing students have successfully (grade of C or above) completed Algebra, Chemistry, and Biology in High School or college.  If you have not completed one of these courses you will need to do so before you start the program.  Please send an email to to be placed on a list for these courses. CCBC offers a combined biology and chemistry course (BioChem).  

Tuition at CCBC: Tuition:  Pennsylvania Residents who live outside of Beaver County:  $312 per credit plus fees.  For information about Beaver County and Out of State Tuition:

Additional information regarding tuition and fees is available in your folder. 

See Student Expense for out-of-state or Beaver County resident tuition and additional information regarding fees.

Contact Numbers

Information Resource Center (IRC): Ms. Amy Jansto (724) 480-3421

For general questions related course registration and enrollment.

Nursing Admissions: Ms. Sandy May: (724) 480-3359

Financial Aid:  (724) 480-3501

Bookstore: (724) 480-3455


School of Nursing and Allied Health:(724) 480-3495 or email