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Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


At the Community College of Beaver County, we  will be an active partner in expanding educational opportunities and shaping economic growth.


Community College of Beaver County faculty, staff and administration will help shape your future by:
  • Equipping individuals with knowledge and skills to further their education, acquire meaningful employment, and enhance the quality of their lives,
  • Being a leader in developing partnerships which will promote community development and expand the economic potential of the region,
  • Creating opportunities for lifelong learning and personal enrichment and
  • Adapting to the needs of the region


At CCBC, we believe that:
  • The essence of education is to change lives.
  • The growth of the individual is our primary focus.
  • We are committed to the success of ALL students.
  • Our role goes beyond the transmission of knowledge.
  • Learning is demonstrated by the application of knowledge.
  • An educated workforce is key to the economic growth and expansion of our region.
  • Learning is life long.
  • Quality and integrity are essential for the success of our institution and our students.
  • ALL employees contribute to the success of our students, making continued professional development critical to our employees.
  • Critical thinking and technological literacy are essential for personal and professional success.
  • Innovation enhances learning.
  • Developing leaders throughout the organization will build the capacity of the College and the community.


Institutional Goals

Our Goal - Student Success
Create a learning community by supporting student success through educational programs provided in diverse and accessible formats.

Our Goal - Community and Economic Development
Partner with businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies to enhance economic opportunities for the region.

Our Goal - Organizational Development
Create a culture that expects openness, collaboration and mutual respect and embraces innovation and professional development.

Our Goal - Resources
Develop and allocate resources which sustain the institution and encourage its growth and development.