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Transfer Services

Take Your Credits with You!

Here's how:

  • Graduate from select CCBC degree programs and transfer up to 60 credits to other participating colleges or universities in PA.
  • Enroll in one or more of the many classes at CCBC that easily transfer to a variety of four-year institutions.


For more information on transfer opportunities, click on the menus below or contact the Counseling Office.

PA Transfer and Articulation Center

What is TAOC?

TAOC is the PA Transfer and Articulation Oversight Committee.  Their task is to fashion programs for universal transfer among participating colleges.  Graduates transfer with junior status.  While CCBC has other programs that transfer similarly, the TAOC programs are sanctioned by state legislation.

What CCBC programs are currently TAOC-eligible?

CCBC’s eligible degree programs are designated on our website and in College literature with the TAOC backpack logo. These include: Biological Sciences, Business Administration, Communication, Criminal Justice, English, Environmental Science, Fine Arts, History, Pre-K Education, Psychology, and Social Work.

Where can you go to find additional PA transfer information?

Go to

The Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center (PA TRAC) was created as a one-stop shop for transfer students, administrators and advisors/faculty. The site contains the following information:

Information about the Transfer Credit Framework

  • Transfer course equivalencies
  • College profiles for the participating institutions
  • Searchable databases

What is the Transfer Credit Framework?

Some students may be undecided about a college or major.  The Transfer Framework provides students with six categories and general course guidance for selecting the courses typically found in the college freshman year.  Searchable databases then provide students with the courses at any institution that have been approved as “Framework Courses” and therefore transfer throughout the state.  While CCBC has many other courses that will transfer, the transferability of the Framework Courses is the product of state legislation.

How did TAOC get started?

In July 2006, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) began implementation of Article XX-C of the Public institution Code of 1949. Intended to create a seamless statewide transfer and articulation system, this legislation requires Pennsylvania's 14 community colleges and the 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) to adopt mandatory equivalency standards for the purpose of creating at least 30 hours of foundation courses that can be easily transferred to any of the participating institutions and to establish an electronic portal for providing public access to transfer information.

Voluntary participation by private colleges and universities is allowed under the law. State-related institutions also may voluntarily participate in this statewide transfer system.

Articulated Credits for CTE Program of Study Graduates

In accordance with the Perkins statewide articulation agreement between CCBC and Secondary schools with PDE–Approved Career and Technical Education Programs of study, CCBC will award college level credits to students who complete the secondary school Program of Study and meet all the student criteria, including submittal of proper documentation, as outlined in the Agreement.

CCBC credit opportunities available through this initiative may be found at

Upon submittal of the required documentation, CCBC will abide by credit validation mechanisms as identified in the PDE articulation agreement with respect to admissions, college preparedness, award of credit, and time limitations. Additionally, students must enroll for and successfully complete a minimum of 15 credits of program coursework at CCBC in order to have the articulated credits placed on their transcript.

During the admissions process, any student who desires to receive articulated credit should contact the CCBC Perkins Postsecondary contact in the College’s counseling office or, prior to registering for their first semester.  The Perkins contact will coordinate the student’s submittal of the necessary documentation and forward to the registrar’s office for authorization.

Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements are formal agreements between CCBC and certain four-year colleges and universities that ensure that credits from your Associate degree program will transfer. Several even guarantee direct acceptance at junior level status while others allow you direct transfer of many courses.

Agreement with: CCBC Program:
PASSHE Universities All associate degree programs (30 credit hours); TAOC-approved degrees in biological sciences, business administration, English, early childhood education (PreK-4), criminal justice and history
Early Childhood Education Assoc. Western PA Schools Early Childhood Education
Bethany College A.A. and A.S. to B.A. and B.S.
California University of PA Criminal Justice
Carlow University Nursing
College of Southern Nevada Casino Management
Edinboro University of PA Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute Aerospace Management, Professional Pilot
Drexel University Online Nursing
Florida Institute of Technology Professional Pilot
Franklin University online degree completion (all majors)
Geneva College Business/Aviation, Criminal Justice to Sociology, degree completion program (human resource management and organizational development), degree completion (all majors)
Indiana University of PA Criminal Justice, Respiratory Care, Business, Education Preparation
LaRoche College Nursing
Middle Tennessee State University Professional Pilot
Norwich University Criminal Justice
Penn State-Beaver Social Science
Penn State University - State College, PA Nanotechnology Specialization Certificate
Point Park University Business, Criminal Justice, Police Technology
Robert Morris University Nursing, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Biological Sciences, Early Childhood Education, Education Preparation, Pre-Engineering, Computer Forensics, Visual Communications, Networking, Web Programming
Slippery Rock University of PA Nursing, Applied Science
Strayer University Degree completion
Thiel Accounting, Business Administration, Communications, Criminal Justice
Thomas Edison State College Aviation
University of Pittsburgh Nursing, Criminal Justice
Youngstown State University A.A.S., A.A., A.G.S. (Office Services and Administration, Marketing, Information Systems, Marketing Management, Personal Admin. Office Systems, Management, Health & Human Service, Engineering Technology)
West Liberty University associate of science in business
Saint Joseph University online degree completion


Other agreements include:

Beaver County Career & Technology Center 

Advanced Standing - Culinary Arts


Pennsylvania Child Care Association 

Early Childhood Education


South Side High School 



Western Area Career & Technology Center

Advanced Standing - Culinary Arts


Contact the Counseling Office for additional help with transferring after graduation.