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Student Success Scorecard

Meeting and Exceeding Benchmarks

Attain a Credential within 4 years
Benchmark: 22%

    Meeting/Exceeding Benchmark Indicator 

Successfully complete the initial gateway English course (WRIT 101)
Benchmark: 70%

    Meeting/Exceeding Benchmark Indicator 




Achieving the Dream

Achieving the Dream is a comprehensive non-governmental reform movement for student success.  At CCBC, our team is working to build initiatives that will positively impact the success of our students with regard to the four measures outlined below and beyond.

Achieving the Dream Measure 1 - Successful completion of preparatory coursework

Achieving the Dream Measure 2 - Passing college level gateway courses

Achieving the Dream Measure 3 - Year to year retention of students

Achieving the Dream Measure 4 - Credential attainment within 4 years

Meeting Information


November 10th     Agenda     Minutes

December 8th        Agenda     Minutes



January 19th           Agenda     Minutes

February 16th         Agenda     Minutes

March 15th              Agenda     Minutes

April 19th                Agenda     Minutes

September 15th     Agenda     Minutes

October 20th          Agenda     Minutes


January 19th           Agenda     Minutes