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Student Representative to the CCBC Board of Trustees

As a CCBC student, your thoughts and opinions about CCBC, our programs, and our services are of utmost importance as we continue to move the College forward. With that in mind, the Board of Trustees is seeking a Student Representative to serve as a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees. The Student Representative’s primary responsibility is to represent students’ interests at Board and Board Committee meetings. If you’re interested in this opportunity, we welcome you to apply and help shape the future of CCBC.


The President of the College shall select one student to serve for a one-year term commencing May 1 of each academic year. The President shall establish an application process and make this information available to all students during the spring semester of each academic year. A student may only serve one term of office.


The Student Representative must be in good academic standing, maintain a 3.0 GPA, and be registered for a minimum of 12 credits for the entirety of the term of office. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

Attend regular and committee meetings of the Board of Trustees as well as retreats, planning sessions, and training events

  • As requested, represent the college at local, state, or national advocacy and professional development events

  • Receive the board packet and other information being provided to the board in advance of the meeting

  • Sit with the Board of Trustees and participate in all discussions

  • Student Representatives may not:
    • Make motions or vote on procedural or substantive matters

    • Be considered as a member for purposes of establishing a quorum

    • Attend or participate in executive sessions

Removal from office:

The Student Representative shall be removed from office for the following:

  • She/he is no longer a CCBC student;

  • She/he fails to maintain good academic standing and full-time status;

  • She/he misses three consecutive Board of Trustee meetings;

  • She/he fails to conduct her/himself in a manner appropriate to the roles and responsibilities of the Student Representative

If a Student Representative resigns or is removed from office, the President shall select another student to serve for the remainder of the term. 

Selection Process

  • Immediately following Spring Break, the President’s office will make available to all students an announcement that the Board of Trustees is seeking a Student Representative and that qualified students are encouraged to apply.

  • Interested students will be asked to provide the following information:
    1. Name

    2. Address

    3. Phone Number

    4. Email

    5. Address

    6. Major

    7. Expected Graduation Date

    8. 250-Word Essay: The essay should describe the student’s experiences and involvement at CCBC, and include their interest in applying for the position.
  • Applications will be submitted to the President’s Office located in the Student Services Center, where the applications will be checked for qualifications.

  • The President will appoint a screening committee to assist him/her in reviewing applications and conducting interviews of the finalists.

  • The President shall choose from among the finalists a Student Representative for the Board of Trustees for a one-year term beginning May 1 of each year.

  • Appropriate trustees and senior administrators will conduct an orientation session for the Student Representative prior to her/him attending the May trustee meeting.