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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the representative voice of the student body. Member students promote and represent the rights and interest of students. Officers consist of a president, vice president, secretar and a treasurer who are elected by the student body. The officie of student liaison is filled by an appointment made by the SGA president. Representatives from each of the campus’s active clubs as well as students from the general population make up the membership. S.G.A. operates with a constitution written by students and coordinates with the student activities department. They also recommend the issuance of charters to new organizations and represent student’s views on issues of current importance at CCBC.

The purpose of the Student Government Association is to:

  • Encourage superior standards in leadership, loyalty, honesty and mutual respect.
  • Provide an effective means for students to express their wishes directly concerning them and the college.
  • Endeavor to increase student participation in all college activities and generate student spirit through extracurricular activities.
  • Act in the best interests of the student body at all times and encourage activities of a social, educational, and cultural nature.
  • Provide a means of communication among the student body, the Student Government Association, the faculty and the administration of the college.
  • Provide a basis through which the students of the Community College of Beaver County may communicate with students of other institutions of higher learning throughout the area.
  • Recognize and encourage all officially approved student clubs and organizations on campus.
  • Control expenditures of funds received for the benefit of the student body.
  • Carry out the provisions of the SGA Constitution.

At weekly meetings, the SGA discuss issues of interest and problems that arise within the college community, especially those which directly affect students, and seeks solutions to the problems. SGA also adopts practices and procedures that integrate the activities of other student organizations with the total college program and serves as a liaison among students, faculty, and administration.

The SGA plans and conducts a series of college-wide activities each semester. Events include community activities such as the semi-annual Red Cross blood drive, charity fundraising and drug and alcohol awareness.