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Re-Admission & Transfer Requirements

Re_Admissions Policy

The number of re-admissions to the Nursing Program (inclusive of all levels) will be limited to a maximum of one (1) per applicant, in addition to their initial matriculation. Re-admission is decided on an individual basis. All requests for re-admission should be made in writing to the program director, with the exception of first year, first semester students.

Students who fail or withdraw from NURS170, Nursing I, must reapply to the program. They will be ranked by nursing pre-admission examination score with all applicants.

Otherwise, placement into the Nursing program will be on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS. Available spaces in NURS270, Nursing III, will be divided between re-admission applicants and LPN advanced placement applicants.

Students out of the program for three (3) years or more may be required to repeat selected courses on the guidance and direction from the Division Director.

Transfer Students
Transfer students will be considered on an individual basis with guidance and direction from the Division Director. Placement will be on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS after re-admission and LPN applicants are admitted.

Program Policies
Nursing students are assigned to a variety of clinical agencies for clinical practice. They must assume all responsibilities for transportation to and from the agencies to which they are assigned. A student must earn a grade of ‘C’ or greater in all courses in the Nursing program to continue in the program. A student who performs unsatisfactorily in the clinical laboratory will automatically fail the respective course/rotation regardless of theory grade. All students entering or re-entering the nursing program anytime after NURS170 must successfully complete a drug calculation proficiency exam with a grade of 100% before the first scheduled class of their respective semester.