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Finding a Job

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Below are some useful online resources to help you find and land a job, the first step is locating and utilizing job search resources! 

Check out Pennsylvanias new job-matching website Job Gateway:

Launched in July, 2012, Job Gateway is the state’s premier job-matching initiative. It is part of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry’s plan to transform the landscape of how job-seekers find family sustaining jobs and how employers find the skilled candidates that they need. Through this initiative, a user-friendly, job-matching system was created to help bridge the gap that currently exists, for students, employers and veterans—all in one place, all for free.

For Students:

In Job Gateway, students have access to more than 200,000 job openings. They are able to create and upload a resume and make it available to thousands of employers. Job Gateway will also recommend jobs for the student based on their preferences. One exciting feature is an automatic capture of all job-search activities within Job Gateway onto their own Dashboard, which gives the ability to record any outside job-search activities.

Pennsylvania Statewide Career Coach is a web-based application that helps students explore careers by providing current data on wages, employment trends and other topics for multiple occupations. The tool also identifies skills gaps between occupations. Students can look at education and training available for their desired occupation as well as look at real-time job postings. Recent enhancements include a more efficient search system for specific occupations.

Big Interview was recently introduced into Job Gateway and can now assist students by offering online mock interviews in their desired field. Once the practice interview is complete, the student can upload the taped interview and email it to contacts for immediate feedback. They can practice an unlimited number of times until they are ready to ace that interview!

For Employers:

It is easy to search the talent pool in Job Gateway. Simply create a job-posting and connect with candidates for free. You will receive detailed information about job-seekers when you perform a search. You will also enjoy the benefit of sorting and filtering capabilities to help you manage your referral lists. All of your candidate search activities can be managed from one location: your Dashboard.

For Veterans:

Military Translator helps veterans apply their MOC/MOS code and translate it into a civilian environment. Thousands of military skills can be “translated” into civilian job titles. If you register with Job Gateway and identify yourself as a veteran, Job Gateway recognizes you by placing an American flag next to your name. Now, employers who want to hire military veterans can find you easily.

Check out these additional online resources:

Getting Hired Jobs for people with disabilities  A FREE online Job Seekers Guide

College Central Network
All registered students and alumni are welcome to use CCBC’s online job board for free. All you need to do is complete a short online registration and then upload your résumé. You must have a valid e-mail address to register.

Visit: for more information.

Help sheets for College Central Network are available at the Career Center.

Click here for a printable list of popular job search websites!

Don't over look PA Civil Service Jobs! Click here for more information!

Looking for a Nursing Job?

Check out these websites:

Pittsburgh Nursing Jobs

Need to find an Internship? 

Often, finding can internship can be troublesome, but Career Services is here to help. 

Why do I need an Internship?

Internships can provide valuable experience while you are still in school and earning your degree or certificate.  You can gain first hand knowledge of a company's climate and what duties different positions are responsible for while also learning how daily tasks are completed.  An internship experience allows you to fine tune your networking skills and help you decide if your career choice is right for you.  According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers' (NACE) 2009 Experiential Education Survey:

  • 67.7% of 2007-08 interns were offered fulltime positions.
  • 83.6% of these offers were accepted.
  • 35.3% of employers' fulltime, entry-level college hires came from their internship programs.

Finding and landing an internship is very similar to doing a job search, so it is never too early to learn about how to find open internship and job opportunities.  Whether you need to find an internship for course credit or you are seeking some hands-on experience in your field, these resources can help you.

CCBC's Career Services Job posting bulletin boards

Take a look at our job boards accross campus that display local part-time and full-time positions.

Job Posting bulletin boards locations:

  • Student Services Center:
  • Career Services
  • Accross from the President's Office
  • Accross from the CCBC Bookstore
  • Learning Resources Center: Lower Level

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