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The Road Not Taken

Non-Traditional Career Paths


Don’t be afraid to break traditional gender stereotypes!  Learn about a Non-Traditional Career now!

What is a Non-Traditional Career?

A career is considered non-traditional when a man or woman is in a field typically dominated by the opposite gender.   For example, Nursing jobs are considered non-traditional for males because more than 75% of working nurses are female.  Air traffic control careers are non-traditional for women, because less than 25% of people working in the field are female.  Some people will naturally gravitate towards careers where their gender is in the majority, but by doing this, they could be limiting their own career potential and success. 

People who choose Non-traditional fields may have a better chance of getting hired because many companies are seeking to obtain gender equality in their hiring practices.

Below are some CCBC Programs that can prepare you for a Non-Traditional Career.  These programs also prepare you for jobs that are in high demand!

Non-Traditional Career Choices for Women

Web Design

Digital Media Design


Air Traffic Control

Professional Pilot

Web Programming

Computer Forensics


Criminal Justice

Police Technology

Non-Traditional Career Choices for Men


Multi-Skilled Health Technician


Early Childhood Education

Office Technology


Is a Non-Traditional Career Path Right for You?
The Carl Perkins Grant and the CCBC Career Services Office are here to encourage people to explore Non-Traditional career paths.  If you would like more information on Non-Traditional careers, or to discuss if a Non-Traditional Career is right for you, then please call 724-480-3413 to set up an appointment! 

Additional Resources

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