Community College of Beaver County Expands Workforce Training in Washington County Through Southpointe Center


The Community College of Beaver County is strengthening its commitment to meet the customized workforce development and professional education needs of Washington County’s employers and workers through its Washington County Center, located at Southpointe in Bailey Center I, 125 Technology Drive, Suite 004.

For over 30 years, Community College of Beaver County has worked with employers to provide professional, technical, certification, licensure and other customized workforce development and training programs to improve the productivity and capabilities of their workers. 

Initially launched in 2010, CCBC’s Southpointe Center has grown and expanded its customized workforce training programs for employers and open enrollment professional development courses for individuals seeking job-related training or retraining.

CCBC provides a wide array of customized training programs for all sizes and types of businesses and their employees, including:

  • Management, supervisory, communication and leadership, such as management fundamentals conflict resolution, time management, finance, business communication, strategic planning, team building and change management;
  • Business process design, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001;
  • >Safety training, including OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour, Lockout/Tagout, HAZWOPER, confined space entry and ergonomics;
  • Industrial and applied technologies in fields such as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas /energy, logistics and transportation, electrical, welding, machining, blueprint reading;
  • Healthcare training in nursing, phlebotomy, pharmacy technician, radiologic technician, medical billing and coding and electronic health records;
  • Information technology and computer training in areas such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Cisco networking, network security and disaster recovery.

Through CCBC’s customized workforce development programs and services, employers only need to make one call to get the training programs and services their workers need delivered right to their facility on the dates and times that work best for them.

“We have the resources and experience to quickly pull together all of the necessary components of a successful workforce training program -- an effective curriculum that addresses the issues and provides the employee outcomes the company is seeking; qualified instructors who bring years of relevant, real-world industry experience; and appropriate training facilities that provide a supportive learning environment.  We can even arrange for catered meals and snacks.  We take the burden of pulling together all of these pieces off the desk of the executive, manager or human resources professional,” said Steve Morgan, CCBC Southpointe Business Development Coordinator.

For employers who need or prefer an off-site training environment, CCBC offers two state-of-the-art meeting and classrooms equipped with computers and overhead projectors at our conveniently-located Southpointe facility.  For technical, industrial and other types of non-classroom training, CCBC partners with a wide array of organizations to offer access to state-of-the-art machinery, equipment, tools and supplies.


 “At a time when many colleges and universities are no longer providing professional development and customized workforce training solutions due to difficult financial circumstances, CCBC strongly believes in expanding our ability and capacity to deliver these much-needed services as a core part of our mission to the communities we serve, and the Southpointe Center is key to that effort,” said CCBC President Dr. Joe Forrester.

In April, CCBC’s Southpointe Center will also begin offering a new menu of professional development courses open to the public for individuals seeking to upgrade their existing or learn new job-related skills.  Courses are tailored to jobs currently in demand, and include medical billing and coding, health information technology, electronic health records management, home healthcare aide, OSHA 10-hour for general industry, SafeLand USA, and Global Harmonized System.  Please check CCBC’s website at for course schedules.

To learn more about CCBC’s customized workforce training programs for employers, please contact Steve Morgan, CCBC Business Development Coordinator, at 724-480-3583,  To learn more about CCBC’s professional development opportunities for workers, and for more information about CCBC’s Southpointe Center, or to arrange a tour, contact Merilee Madera, CCBC Southpointe Center Operations Manager, at 724-480-3581,