Community College of Beaver County is proud to release the following names of students who comprise the President’s List and Dean's List for the fall 2013 semester. In order to be recognized as part of the President’s List, students must have at least 12 credit hours and receive a 3.75 or above for the semester. In order to be recognized as part of the Dean’s List, students must have at least 12 credit hours and receive a 3.2 to 3.7499 for the semester.

The following students made the President’s List for the fall 2013 semester:

Ryan Aires of Aliquippa; Liza Albert of Rochester; Cameron Allison of Beaver Falls; Cody Alvetro of Brockway; Amanda Ambrass of Darlington; Carla Ammann of Aliquippa; Jacob Anderson of Ambridge; Melyssa Arner of Aliquippa; Eric Arthur of Clarence Center, NY; Josiah Bailey of Beaver Falls; Michael Barna of Monaca; Matthew Bartkowiak of Grand Blanc, MI; Rachel Basko of Monaca; Stacy Bennett of McDonald; Joshua Biesenkamp of Aliquippa; Jacob Blink of St. Johns, MI; Danielle Bobish of Beaver; Ian Buchanan of Clinton; Nicole Buffalini of Monaca; Paige Burke of Beaver Falls; Mary Bush of Aliquippa; Riley Buszek of Erie; Thomas Calhoon of Monaca; Jared Campbell of Monaca; Ellery Canoy of Midland; Jeremiah Carlson of Allegan, MI; Michael Charlton of Tempe, AZ; Patrick   Cieniewicz of Leesport; Alanna Coffey of Allendale, MI; John Coleman of LaPlata, MD; Jordan Collings of Beaver; Dennisse Cortez of New Castle; Abigail Couper of Beaver Falls; Jamie Cropper of Aliquippa; Timothy Crusan of Ellwood City; Megan D'Jovin of Aliquippa; Michelle Dadig of Aliquippa; Samuel Damaso of Beaver Falls; Kyle Davis of Rutherford, NJ; Samantha DeMarco of Valencia; Alexa DePaul of Aliquippa; Nadine Draganac of Monaca; Jason Dudek of Aliquippa; Jeffrey Edge of Rochester; Jacob Edmiston of Midland; Annette Elphinstone of Freedom; Gideon Ewing of Rochester; Noah Ewing of Rochester; Kaylynn Fehir of Freedom; Aishia Fisher of Aliquippa; Katie Fisher of Freedom; Caroline Floom of North Canton, OH; Cassandra Foster of South Heights; Nakia Frantz of Beaver; Mary Frischkorn of Beaver Falls; James Gandy of Ellwood City; Nicole Getz of New Brighton; Tyler Godles of Elyria, OH; Kayla Good of Greenfield, IN; Morgan Gorski of Georgetown; Taylor Graham of Beaver Falls; Chelsea Granito of Beaver; Ryan Gravemann of St. Charles, MO; Ann Graziani of Aliquippa; Ernest Grillo of New Castle; Kalena Grimes of Evans City; Brittany Haefner of Aliquippa; Anthony Hagen of Plainfield, IN; Breanna Harley of Rochester; Amanda Harris of Georgetown; Frank Helisek of New Brighton; Molly Helisek of Rochester; Jason Henderson of Beaver Falls; Sydney Henning of Aliquippa; Brook Henry of Aliquippa; Lyndsey Heroldt of Beaver Falls; Michael Hertweck  of Beaver Falls; Theodore Homol of Aliquippa; Victoria Homschek of Aliquippa; Kevin Houghton of Ellwood City; Kimberly Huey of Rochester; Garrett Hysong of Georgetown; Kelly Ireland of Slippery Rock;  Ian Jaksha of Virden, IL; Staci Jobe of Industry; Nicole Karczewski of Beaver Falls; Myles Kerr of Strongsville, OH; Theresa Kiacz of Monaca; Danielle King of Beaver Falls; James Klein of Coraopolis; Madelyn Krochka of Freedom; Anastasija Krstic of Midland; Paul Kwon of Pittsburgh; Carissa Lange of Moon Township; Audrey Lapic of New Brighton; Darrin Laughlin of Beaver; Natasha Lion of Beaver Falls; David Lollo of Fombell; Nicole Long of Rochester; David Mack  Lewistown, NY; Zachary Malinak of Conway; Nicholas Maliniak of Newport News, VA; Katherine Malone of Beaver; Joshua Martz of Hookstown; Frank Mazzarese of Centereach, NY; Seth McClarey of Aliquippa; Malcolm McClenahan of Beaver Falls; Clayton McGeary of Beaver Falls; Molly McGlennen of Evans City; Cody Mengel of New Brighton; Jennifer Middleton of Conway; Anthony   Morse of Aliquippa; Ryan Neice of Industry; Mary Newstrom of Ellwood City; Rachel Nola of Wampum; Andrew Nunn of Aliquippa; Andreas O'Rourke of Rochester; Frank Ognibene of Deer Park, NY; William Orten of New Castle; Matthew Pastorius of Sewickley; Laura Petcovic of Freedom; David Petrosky of Beaver Falls; Leslie Popp of Industry; Elizabeth Porter of Baden; Rachel Powell of Monaca; James Psomas of Aliquippa; Eric Racan of Beaver Falls; Robert    Ranone of Industry; Daniel Reese of Lisbon, OH; Thomas Reese of Lisbon, OH; Julie Repp of Moon Township; Adam Revelant of Beaver; Shannon Reynolds of Baden; Marcy Richard of Midland; Jake Rizzo of Miller Place, NY; Caitlin Ross of Ambridge; Matthew Rosteck of Commerce Township, MI; Virginia Ruckert of Beaver; Garan Salvati of Aliquippa; Katie Schlosser of Beaver Falls; Robert Schultz of Beaver Falls; Andrew Shafer of Lexington, SC; Hilary Shames of Ambridge; Erika Shank of Beaver Falls; Nathan Simpson of Aliquippa; Jared Sivertson of Beaver Falls; Lauren Sivewright of Ambridge; Sharon Smith of Midland; Tiffany Smith of Ambridge; Mary Solomon of Monaca; William Spangler of LaGrange, OH; Joseph St. Esprit of Beaver; Daniel Steffine of Aliquippa; Jessica Stonefield of Beaver Falls; Matthew   Strunk   of Bedford, IN; Danielle Suman of Monaca; Austin Sutton of Greensburg; Amanda Swan of Aliquippa; Jonathan Tassey of Weirton, WV; Bradley Tice of South Lyon, MI; Nicholas Turner of Aliquippa; Robert Veon of Beaver; Mallory Verez of Moon Township; Tinia Walker of Aliquippa; Christopher Wallack of Ambridge; Zachary Walters of New Brighton; Page Weinstein of Jefferson Hills; Kaitlyn Wisniewski of Aliquippa; Andrew Wistuk of New Brighton; Lauren Woods of Beaver Falls; Tawnya Worst of New Brighton; Jacob Young of Ellwood City; Nicole Zalucky of Crescent; Stefanie Zalucky of Aliquippa; and Amy Zeman of Midland.

The following students made the Dean’s List for the fall 2013 semester:

Rena Alfonso of Beaver Falls; Cydnie Ali of Aliquippa; Brittany Bailey of Rochester; Deon Baker of Rochester; Lauren Barrett of Rochester; Amber Barron of Monaca; Molly Bell of Aliquippa; Christina Biers of Hookstown; Samantha Bigley of Ellwood City; Paul Bock of Rochester; Kylie Boltz of Industry; Samantha Boots of Fombell; Jaye Borowsky of Aliquippa; Justin Bowman of Mansfield, OH; Ashley Bradow of Fombell; Katherine Brummitt of Monaca; Courtney Busse of Freedom; Heather Byrne of Ambridge; Boone Carlini of Aliquippa; Alexandra Celio of Monaca; Jayme Chaffee of Midland; Nicholas Chagnon of Aliquippa; D'Anthony Chatsko of Monaca; Elissa Chevalier  of Beaver; Katelyn Christopher of New Brighton; Joshua Chua of New Kensington; Alyssa Ciccone of Monaca; Michael Clagg of Rochester; Jennifer Clark of Industry; Laquitta Clark of New Brighton; Marlo Cleckley of Beaver Falls; Linda Collins of Beaver; Sara Conti of Beaver; Brittany Crognale of Beaver Falls; Jamie Darocha of Beaver Falls; Lea Daugherty of Beaver Falls; Austin David of Aliquippa; Jason Delach of Ambridge; Francis DeRose of Aliquippa; Jeffrey Dietz of Beaver Falls; Marisa DiMaria of Beaver Falls; Kayla DiNunno of  Aliquippa; Nicki Dockter of Aliquippa; Madison Donovan of Monaca; Harrison Dow of Flanders, NY; Jeffrey Dukeman of Grafton, OH; Larry Ellis of Simsbury, CT; Theresa Ervin of Aliquippa; Timothy Falarski of Aliquippa; Connor Farley of Monaca; Jordan Fitzgerald of Aliquippa; Amanda Fox of Freedom; Alyson Fratangeli of Aliquippa; Justin Freed of Beaver Falls; Virginia Geist of Rochester; Amy Grant of Monaca; Andrew Gray of Midland; Joseph Green of Mount Laurel, NJ; Cortney Gregory of Sewickley; Anthony Guardino of Beaver Falls; Elisabeth Gunselman of Shippingport; Chelsea Guthrie of Beaver Falls; Justin Haines of Winchester, VA; Jody Hall of Aliquippa; Courtney Harley of Aliquippa; Gabriella Hines of Aliquippa; Ciara Holsinger of Ellwood; Andrew Huey of Rochester; Bonnie Hummel of Beaver; Kevin Iadarola of Middle Island, NY; Brian Irvine of Midland; Islam Jaber of Aliquippa; Cynthia Jayden of Beaver; Amber Jenkins of Beaver Falls; Cody Jones of Sewickley; Ezriahna Jones of Aliquippa; Samantha Jugan of Monaca; Christian Karenbauer of Monaca; Tyler Kerr of Hookstown; Shanika King of Leetsdale; Sarah Kosela of Freedom; Bradley Kotun of Aliquippa; Chelsie Kriegisch of Ellwood City; Jezie Krisinsky of Freedom; Josh Krizan of Beaver Falls; Jacob Krupa of Beaver Falls; Crystal      Kuntz of Ellwood City; Melanie Lally of Georgetown; Patricia Lattanzio-Lamont of Clinton; Quentin Lay of Aliquippa; Tabor Lewis of Aliquippa; Courtney Lipscomb of Monaca; Cassandra    Lokomski of Monaca; Antoinette Lombardo of Rochester; Courtney Lutman   of Beaver Falls; Michael Lyons of Monaca; Caleb Maggart of Beaver Falls; James Maloney of Industry; Cassandra Marketich of New Brighton; Isabella Marocco of Aliquippa; Craig Marsaw of Grafton, OH; Nathaniel Martin of Ambridge; Tiffany Martin of Ellwood City; Mollie Matteo of Monaca; Kaleb McBride of Rochester; Rachel McClarey of Beaver Falls; Stephen McDade of Aliquippa; David McDonough of Baden; Seth McFarland of Aliquippa; Shelby McFarland of Monaca; Shannon McKean of Darlington; Brian McLain of Beaver Falls; Paige McStay of Beaver; Elena Megaludis of Clinton; Kayla Mende of Conway; Kelly Meyers of Beaver Falls; Peter Milich of Aliquippa; Jacob Milkie of Indianopolis, IN; David Miller of Mt Sterling, KY; Zechariah Moreland of Greenfield, IN; Caitlin Morgan of Ambridge; Molly Morris of Darlington; Kimberly Morrison of Beaver Falls; Emily Morrow of Beaver Falls; Joshua Mullen of Monaca; Laura Nestor of Aliquippa; Michael Nevill of New Brighton; Dayna Nichol of Monaca; Kylie Nolan of Monaca; Brittney Noss of Monaca; Haley  O'Connor of Aliquippa; Miranda Oldaker of Industry; Matthew Owens of Monaca; Natalie Paolini of Aliquippa; Mary  Pardue of Beaver; Cassandra Parks of New Brighton; Kerry Parks of Aliquippa; Markel Peace of Beaver; Michelle Peel of Freedom; Ryan Peluso of Zelienople; Morgan Pennington of Aliquippa; Nick Perretta of Baden; Kylie Petcovic of Conway; Rosetta Petrik of Enon Valley; Larissa Pinto of Aliquippa; Katie Prest of Freedom; Haley Randolph of New Brighton; Marissa Rayes of Ambridge; Jacqueline Reagan of Beaver; Johnathan Rebich of Beaver Falls; Andrew Regis of Beaver Falls; Kenneth Rigsby of Hookstown; Rhonda Rodgers of Aliquippa; Jason Sappington of Beaver Falls; Johnathan Sargeson of Monaca; Erin Seger of Aliquippa; Matt Seger of Aliquippa; Kim Shaffer of Darlington; Brooke Shahen of Monaca; Samantha Sheffield of New Brighton; Samantha Sigmund of Ambridge; Paige Simmons of Ellwood City; Corina Skerlec of Beaver; Matthew Slogan of Pittsburgh; Amanda Smith of Baden; Je'Von Smith of Pittsburgh; Jennifer Smith of Monaca; Taylor Smith of Enon Valley; Rebecca Snowden of Ellwood City; Matt Sonsino of Rochester; Shaun Spencer of Freedom; Michelle Stasiowski of New Brighton; Susan Steinmiller of Beaver; Kohle Stiner of Mayfield, MI; Kelli Stitt of Ellwood; Jessica Szydel of Beaver Falls; Jayme Tatko of Beaver; Erin Taylor of Henderson, NV; Prescott Taylor of Sewickley; Allison Theuerl of Beaver Falls; Andrew Thomas of Clinton; Dawn Thompson of Beaver; Alexa Thumm of Beaver Falls; Erica Timmons of Georgetown; Wayne Trautman of Coraopolis; Jennifer Vono of New Brighton; Katie Ann Weaver of Ambridge; John Weber of Midland; Crystal Welch of Georgetown; Molly Whitt of Midland; Ashley Willy of Ambridge; Elizabeth Wilson of Beaver Falls; Roy Wortha, III of Ambridge; Tondayla Wright of Aliquippa; Jaimie Young of Beaver Falls; Hannah Yuhasz of Monaca; and Katie Zombeck of Aliquippa.