By working with local businesses to identify hiring needs, the College saw a skills gap in workers who could be promoted to the supervisory positions that will be left unfilled by retiring workers. In order to meet the demand for a properly trained workforce, CCBC will offer a 60-hour Industrial Supervisor certificate program for newly promoted foremen and supervisors in manufacturing organizations.

“Employees who had delayed retirement due to the recession are once again starting to make plans to retire.  These individuals have extensive experience and industry knowledge,” said Merilee Madera, Operations Manager at CCBC’s Washington County Center at Southpointe.  “Companies are realizing that they have to prepare the next generation to fill these positions and are looking for colleges to partner with them in this process.”

Starting in March, courses, which are offered at both the main campus in Center Township and at CCBC’s Washington County Center at Southpointe, are designed to train workers who are facing new challenges and responsibilities. Coursework includes topics such as transitioning from staff member to supervisor; strengths-based management and safety management; building a team and teamwork; finances; problem solving; human resources management; and labor relations. In addition, students will receive two hours of one-on-one coaching with a selected instructor.

Upon completion of the program, graduates can utilize the concepts presented and skills learned to complete day-to-day job tasks, sharpen verbal communication skills, solve both operational and staff related problems, and become a highly valuable member of the management team.

Interested individuals can learn more about the program at a Lunch-n-Learn event at CCBC’s Washington County Center at Southpointe on Tuesday, February 18 at 11:30 a.m. Reservations can be made by calling 724-480-3443 or emailing melody.kimbrough@ccbc.edu before 4 p.m. on February 13.