Members of the CCBC Board of Trustees, College employees, community leaders, and state legislators gathered on May 8, 2014 to celebrate the naming of the Courtyard on the College’s main campus in honor of retiring President Dr. Joe D. Forrester.

     The CCBC Board of Trustees made the unanimous decision to name the courtyard The Forrester Courtyard because of Dr. Forrester’s vision as a leader and passion for student success.

     “Due to Dr. Forrester’s vision and dedication, the College has come a long way in the last 15 years,” said CCBC Board of Trustees chairperson Helen Kissick. “We present this plaque and dedicate the Courtyard to permanently recognize his accomplishments as President.”

     Local legislators characterized Dr. Forrester as a friend, mentor, and community college advocate.

      “Dr. Forrester served as a leader on this campus and as a tireless leader for community colleges across the commonwealth and the country,” said PA State Representative Jim Christiana. “I hope Dr. Forrester will continue to be a mentor and that his legacy as a leader will live on.”

     “Over the last 6 years, Dr. Forrester has become a great friend and mentor. My email inbox will now be a little less full,” said Joe Weidner, Campaign Manager for Senator Elder Vogel, Jr. “This plaque is a great monument to Dr. Forrester’s work.”

     PA State Representative Jim Marshall echoed those thoughts. “I value Dr. Forrester as a friend and mentor. He is a great supporter of all community colleges and with this dedication, we remember how much he accomplished.”

     Dr. Forrester concluded the dedication by recognizing all who helped transform the College during his 15 years as President.

     “I have a deep appreciation for our legislators and their strong support of community colleges,” said Dr. Forrester. “Success is not an individual journey and our success as a college is due to everyone’s’ willingness to engage and be involved on campus and with our students. This plaque is for all of you who help make CCBC successful.”