Community College of Beaver County is proud to release the following names of students who comprise the Dean’s List for the spring 2013 semester. In order to be recognized as part of the Dean’s List, students must have at least 12 credit hours and receive a 3.2 to 3.7499 for the semester.


The following students made the Dean’s List for the spring 2013 semester:


Cydnie Ali of Aliquippa; Eric Alspach of Alquippa; Ramadhani Amani of Beaver Falls; Deborah Anderson of Coraopolis; Hannah Arnold of Beaver; Cory Bachman of New Brighton; Cody Bailey of Rochester; Kaitlyn Barile of Hookstown; Katrina Barna of Beaver Falls; Nicholas Bautti of Beaver; Benjamin Bevington of Beaver; Tiffany Black of Midland; Kayla Blackburn of Beaver Falls; Paul Bock of Rochester; Cody Boltz of Industry; Brandon Bonager of Ambridge; Brandon Boord of Monaca; Jared Bozza of McMurray; April Bradley of New Brighton; Jahsi Branthoover of Beaver; Collin Bumpus of Centerburg, OH; Angela Burdick of Aliquippa; Paige Burke of Beaver Falls; Ryan Burlett of Freedom; Damian Burns of Beaver Falls; Candoria Cage of Aliquippa; Alexandra Celio of Monaca; Brandon Cipriani of Monaca; Andrew Craig of Midland; Ricardo Cruz of North Olmsted, OH; Samantha Cunningham of Rochester; Dynasti Curenton of Aliquippa; Kelsi Curtis of Bulger; Samuel Damaso of Beaver Falls; Anthony Dambach of Freedom; Drew Dandrea of Coraopolis; Jamie Darocha of Beaver Falls; Dakota Dennison of Beaver Falls; John Derosky of Industry; Cory Diamond of Beaver; Madison Donovan of Monaca; Daniel Dougherty of Beaver; Vanessa Douthitt of Beaver Falls; Garrison Drake of Hookstown; Anna Duchene of Rochester; Savannah Durr of Darlington; Brandon Dykun of Freedom; Alexis Eaton of Midland; Derek Ehrenberger of Beaver Falls; Ashlie Elmer of New Brighton; Andrew Erdos of Beaver Falls; Blaire Eskew of Ambridge; Noah Ewing of Rochester; Collin Farren of Aliquippa; Kaylynn Fehir of Freedom; Jorden Finch of Aliquippa; Courtney Forrest of Rochester; Jeffrey Fosnaught of New Brighton; John Fosnaught of Darlington; Michael Fosnaught of New Galilee; Alexandra Freeland of New Galilee; April Gavrile of New Castle; Arna George of Aliquippa; Allison Gerwig of Beaver Falls; Cassandra Gibson of Monaca; Gage Gimbus of Beaver; Caitlyn Glover of Beaver Falls; Reynaldo Gonzalez of Chicago, IL; Joshua Grieco of Beaver; Terri Guthrie of Beaver Falls; Courtney Harley of Aliquippa; Amanda Hart of Pittsburgh; Sarah Hasenflu of Rochester;  Molly Helisek of Rochester; Sydney Henning of Aliquippa; Krista Hinzman of Aliquippa; Brittany Honneffer of Ellwood City; Kimberly Huey of Rochester; Paul Hurni of Aliquippa; Brittani Hysong of Baden; Rachel Jackman of Freedom; Teresa Johnson of Aliquippa; Matthew Johnston of Aliquippa; Kevin Jordan of Beaver Falls; Stefanie Kaiser of Rochester; Christopher Kennedy of Beaver Falls; Dylan Kerr of New Brighton; Christine Kirkpatrick of Beaver Falls; Michael Kirsch of Beaver Falls; Holly Klinsic of Baden; Jessi Komack of Aliquippa; Sophia Kramer of Aliquippa; Jezie Krisinsky of Freedom; Anatasija Krstic of Midland; Jefimija Krstic of Midland; Garrett Lecce of Aliquippa; Jeana Levasseur of Bessemer, MI; Chun Lin of Freedom; Andrew Lloyd of Beaver; Christina Lopez of Beaver Falls; David Lundy of Aliquippa; Brittany Malobabich of Ambridge; James Marchetti of Ambridge; David Marshall of Beaver Falls; Jordan Marzette-Miller of Memphis, TN; Krystal McCaskey of Beaver Falls; Austin McClinton of Beaver Falls; Randall McClure of New Brighton; Kevin McCutcheon of Crescent; David McDonough of Baden; Patricia McFadden of Burgettstown; Clayton McGeary of Beaver Falls; Taylor McGinley of Beaver; Almana Mehdi of Ambridge; Rebecca Michelucci-Braun of Beaver; Anthony Milliner of Beaver Falls; Jeffrey Mrkich of Aliquippa; Rachel Muron of Freedom; Antoine Myers of Aliquippa; Kevin Myers II of New Galilee; Matthew Neubert of Economy; Sherri Nichol of Monaca; Derik Ogden of Aliquippa; Dana Olson of Rochester; James Onuska of Beaver; Shawn Petrell of Moon Township; David Petrosky of Beaver Falls; Lauren Petterson of Beaver; Aubrey Plane of Beaver; Katie Pope of Freedom; Cody Postlewait of Rochester; Alexis Pournaras of Beaver Falls; Dylan Price of Ellwood City; Jennifer Pringle of Ambridge; James Psomas of Aliquippa; Lorraine Ramirez of Industry; William Regis of Beaver Falls; Marcy Richard of Midland; Charles Rizzo of Beaver Falls; Amy Robinson of Monaca; Asia Sals of Beaver; Johnathan Sargeson of Monaca; James Schoonhoven of Aliquippa; Bryan Shafer of Beaver; Heather Shaffer of Beaver; Kim Shaffer of Darlington; Keenen Shaw of Aliquippa; Erika Shawger of Rochester; Allison Shearer of Ambridge; Samantha Sheffield of New Brighton; Nathaniel Shuster of Beaver Falls; Paige Simmons of Ellwood City; Stephen Simmons of Baden; Emily Slingluff of Rochester; Rebecca Snowden of Ellwood City; Matt Sonsino of Rochester; Tyler Spalding of Beaver Falls; Anne Speers of Aliquippa; Aaron Steffine of Aliquippa; Sabrina Stephens of Aliquippa; Kohle Stiner of Mayfield; Danielle Suman of Monaca; Kylie Susich of Rochester; Prescott Taylor of Midland; Corey Thomas of Union; Annamarie Thompson of Baden; Dawn Thompson of Beaver; Kelly Timko of Monaca; Nathan Todd of Aliquippa; Danica Tomb of Monaca; Dylan Vodry of Mooresville, NC; Michael Warner of Ellwood City; Michelle Warnick of Rochester; Justin Way of Clinton; Ramon West of Monaca; Tristan White of Beaver Falls; Savana Williams of Aliquippa; Ashley Willy of Ambridge; Andrew Wistuk of New Brighton; Jonieshea Wright of Coraopolis; Blake Wynkoop of Canton, OH; and Audree Yuran of Monaca.