Community College of Beaver County is proud to release the following names of students who comprise the Dean’s List for the fall 2012 semester. In order to be recognized as part of the Dean’s List, students must have at least 12 credit hours and receive a 3.2 to 3.7499 for the semester.

The following students made the Dean’s List for the fall 2012 semester:

Sara Allego of Freedom; Andrew Anderson of New Castle; Stephanie Bailer of Myersville, PA; Cody Bailey of Rochester; Nicholas Bautti of Beaver; Bridget Beaver of Monaca; Lauren Belich of Monaca; Cynthia Biernesser of Monaca; Peter Blattner of Aliquippa; John Boccard of Huntington, NY; Paul Bock of Rochester; Carson Boler of Monaca; Kylie Boltz of Industry; Brandon Bonager of Ambridge; Jeremy Bonager of Ambridge; Brandon Boord of Monaca; Chelsea Bradburn of Aliquippa; April Bradley of New Brighton; Penelope Brady of Moon Township; Jessica Brenckle of Zelienople; Stacey Broskey of Aliquippa; James Bryan of Beaver Falls; Andrew Buchman of Pittsburgh; Michael Bupp of New Brighton; Angela Burdick of Aliquippa; Ryan Burlett of Freedom; Jason Burnette of New Brighton; Damian Burns of Beaver Falls; John Cageao of Beaver; Shamia Cain of Aliquippa; Jared Campbell of Monaca; Melissa Capalbo of Monaca; Megan Carl of Aliquippa; Boone Carlini of Aliquippa; Jesse Cavender of Beaver Falls; Alexandra Celio of Monaca; Elissa Chevalier of Beaver; Maura Clawson of Aliquippa; Marlo Cleckley of Beaver Falls; Adam Comeau of Chesapeake, VA; Crystal Copenhaver of Ambridge; Thomas Couch of New Brighton; Tiffany Couch of New Brighton; Andrew Craig of Midland; Jessica Criswell of Rochester; Catherine Curcio of Beaver; Joshua Curtaccio of Beaver; Samuel Damaso of Beaver Falls; Jennifer Deltondo of Aliquippa; Desiree Dematteis of Aliquippa; Frank Dennis of Georgetown; John Derosky of Industry; Alexandra Derrico of Beaver Falls; Marisa DiMaria of Beaver Falls; Garrison Drake of Hookstown; Doug Drodge of New Brighton; Savannah Durr of Darlington; Brandon Dykun of Freedom; Andrew Erdos of Beaver Falls; Adam Errett of Freedom; Eric Farkas of Darlington; Kaylynn Fehir of Freedom; Zachary Finch of West Salem, WI; Haley Flowers of Ambridge; Colton Ford of Darlington; Michael Fosnaught of New Galilee; Alexandra Freeland of New Galilee; James Gandy of Ellwood City; Michael Gandy of Beaver Falls; Jason Garmen of Beaver Falls; Katlyn Garuccio of Monaca; Allison Gerwig of Beaver Falls; Logan Gilbert of Greenfield, IN; Mary Goss of Moanca; Kimberly Gray of Aliquippa; Joshua Grieco of Beaver; Whitney Groscost of Monaca; Kaitlin Grose of Beaver; Aidan Gruber of Darlington; Anthony Guardino of Beaver Falls; Richard Harris of Independence Township; Amanda Hart of Pittsburgh; Sarah Hasenflu of Rochester; Sydney Henning of Aliquippa; Jesse Hipple of Freedom; Timothy Horew of Aliquippa; Taylor Horvath of Beaver Falls; William Humes of Zelienople; Paul Hurni of Aliquippa; Thomas Huynh of Beaver Falls; Megan Irwin of Aliquippa; Breanna Jestat of Aliquippa; Marissa Jobe of Rochester; Teresa Johnson of Aliquippa; Stefanie Kaiser of Rochester; Nicholas Kay of Ambridge; Ryan Keebler of South Park; Dylan Kerr of New Brighton; Natasha Kerr of Rochester; Michael Kirsch of Beaver Falls; Karen Klingensmith of New Castle; Holly Klinsic of Baden; Jessica Knotts of Rochester; Michael Kolesin of Baden; Bradley Kotun of Aliquippa; Jennifer Krall of Beaver Falls; Jezie Krisinsky of Freedom; Danielle Laughlin of Beaver Falls; Morgan Lecce of Aliquippa; Karlie Lentz of Beaver Falls; Brooke-Anne Leport of Rochester; Andrew Lindsay of Darlington; Bridget Lindsay of New Brighton; Cassandra Lokomski of Monaca; Tammy Luster of Beaver Falls; Adria Maceross of Industry; Alexis Magill of Aliquippa; Nathaniel Martin of Ambridge; Jacob Martino of Freedom; John Mathers of Beaver Falls; Madeline May of Monaca; Frank Mazzarese of Centerreach, NY; Adrienne McBride of Aliquippa; Christopher McConn of New Brighton; Sarah McFarland of Midland; Clayton McGeary of Beaver Falls; Mark McNary of Georgetown; Robert Mehal of Middletown, NY; Jennifer Middleton of Harmony; Benjamin Moidel of Sewickley; Candice Moore of Aliquippa; Katherine Moore of New Brighton; Jacob Mowery of Massillon, OH; Jeffrey Mrkich of Aliquippa; Caitlin Mullins of Aliquippa; Sharnicka Myers of Aliquippa; Ryan Neice of Industry; Sherri Nichol of Monaca; Anthony Nigro of Conway; Tyler Norton of Ellwood City; Christopher Oblinger of Aliquippa; Stacey Onuska of Midland; Bethanne Orgovan of Ellwood City; William Orten of Pittsburgh; Dominic Panza of Moon Township; David Parker of Beaver; William Patton of Darlington; Kimberly Paul of Aliquippa; Anthony Paulauskas of Industry; Daniel Persson of Moon Township; David Petrosky of Beaver Falls; Abigail Ploschnitznig of Aliquippa; Lucas Postupac of New Brighton; Danielle Pulcini of Beaver; Zachary Race of Aliquippa; Haley Reibold of Aliquippa; Julie Repp of Moon Township; Daniel Reynolds of Midland; Charles Rizzo of Beaver Falls; Nikki Ruff of Beaver Falls; Ashley Saunders of Beaver Falls; Kendall Sebastian of Rochester; Heather Shaffer of Beaver; Nathaniel Shuster of Beaver; Christina Siceloff of Darlington; Alexandra Sieber of Aliquippa; Shannon Simmons of Baden; Briana Sims of Aliquippa; Justin Skidmore of Georgetown; Emily Slingluff of Rochester; Michelle Sloan of Aliquippa; Rachel Smith of Monaca; Timothy Smolar of Beaver Falls; Rebecca Snowden of Ellwood City; Joseph St. Esprit of Beaver; Kaylie Starkey of Beaver Falls; Michael Strati of Beaver Falls; Natasha Sullivan of Aliquippa; Danielle Suman of Monaca; Ethan Swogger of Darlington; Brittany Taddy of Baden; Morgan Taylor of New Galilee; Prescott Taylor of Midland; Jackie Tenney of New Brighton; Annamarie Thompson of Baden; Bobbijo Till of Monaca; Kelly Timko of Monaca; Megan Tinklepaugh of Rochester; Kathleen Tinlin of Industry; Nicole Todd of Aliquippa; Anissa Turkovich of Aliquippa; Toree Wagner of Boardman, OH; Michael Waxler of Aliquippa; John Weber of Midland; Ashleyerin Wedlock of Ambridge; Tashera Weingart of Midland; Lori Weir of New Castle; Darlene Wilcox of Beaver Falls; Kimberly Williams of Beaver Falls; Savana Williams of Aliquippa; Ashley Willy of Ambridge; Cady Wilson of Beaver Falls; Jonieshea Wright of Coraopolis; Audree Yuran of Monaca; and Kevin Zuk of Pittsburgh.