New CCBC Endowed Scholarship Carries Retired Professor’s Name


New CCBC Endowed Scholarship Carries Retired Professor’s Name

The newly endowed C.V. Smith III Scholarship for Excellence in History, which will provide funds to a full-time student who is pursuing an Associate of Arts in History, is the first faculty-donated scholarship in the history of the CCBC Foundation.  C.V. Smith III, a recently retired 20-year CCBC faculty member, signed the memorandum of agreement on Thursday, July 19 to establish the scholarship.

 “I spent 20 years at CCBC and wanted to give something back,” states C.V. Smith III.  He continues, “Students were always my main priority.”

Scott Angus, CCBC Foundation Treasurer, notes the significance of C.V. Smith’s scholarship.

“To see a faculty member remembering and supporting the institution after retirement shows his loyalty to the College and his determination to see students and the College move forward.”

Over the years, Smith’s main goal was to make a contribution to the future of his students. He realized that many needed assistance with paying for their education and believes in the power of the college degree.

“Earning a college degree dramatically increases earning power,” states Smith. “Over the years, going to college has become increasingly important.”

C.V. Smith III did not just teach history courses at the College for 20 years but actively engaged his students in the experience of history.  During his years with the College, he created notable learning experiences outside of the classroom through living history exercises where his students  would plan and participate in activities such as a Be-In, in which they recreated a war protest from the 1970’s, and a Medieval Festival, during which students portrayed characters based on the life and style of the Middle Ages. Even after retirement, Smith continues to show his love for history and dedication to teaching by requiring scholarship applicants to submit a 250-word essay on one of 10 questions that he created.

As a professor, Smith’s main goal was to help all students become successful.  He hopes this scholarship will provide a legacy of assistance to students.

“My name is attached to the scholarship and I like the thought of that,” says Smith.

Scholarship applicants must be from a Beaver County high school, in the top 10% of his/her graduating class, and have at least a 3.0 grade point average. Additional information about the C.V. Smith III Scholarship for Excellence in History and other CCBC Foundation scholarships can be found online at

The C.V. Smith, III Scholarship is open to contributions that will help grow the scholarship.  Anyone who wants to make a contribution to the scholarship can do so by check or money order made payable to: C.V. Smith III Scholarship/CCBC Foundation, 1 Campus Drive, Monaca, PA 15061.

Pictured: C.V. Smith, III (left) and Scott Angus (right)