As a local WEDnetPA partner, Community College of Beaver County encourages eligible companies to apply for the Pennsylvania Guaranteed Free Training / WEDnetPA workforce training grant program, which is accepting new applications for the 2014-15 program year. WEDnetPA can reimburse eligible, participating companies up to $450 per year, per employee for essential skills training and up to $850 per year, per employee for advanced technology training.  

     Funded through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, WEDnetPA (Workforce & Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania) is a unique partnership of community colleges, state system universities and other educational institutions that was created to deliver the Commonwealth’s Guaranteed Free Training program.  

     “As the local WEDnetPA partner, CCBC works with companies to assess their training needs, assist in developing training plans, submit funding requests, develop customized courses, and identify qualified training providers,” said Merilee Madera, Operations Manager at CCBC’s Washington County Center.

     CCBC is one of 27 public community colleges and universities statewide who participate in administering the WEDnetPA workforce training grant program on behalf of participating companies.  CCBC has awarded $6.3 million in WEDnetPA funding to companies in the region and trained more than 26,000 employees since the program began 15 years ago.  

     “Through CCBC’s customized workforce development programs and services, employers only need to make one call to get the training programs and services their workers need delivered right to their facility, or another convenient location, on the dates and times that work best for them,” said Steve Morgan, Business Development Coordinator at CCBC’s Washington County Center.

     The College has partnered with businesses and organizations throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania for over 30 years to provide customized workforce training in areas such as supervisory, leadership and management training; advanced manufacturing and industrial skills; industrial health and safety; information technology and computer courses. Training eligible for reimbursement through WEDnetPA can be provided by a company’s in-house training staff; third-party training providers; or WEDnetPA partner training providers.

     Morgan noted, “CCBC has the resources and experience to quickly pull together all of the necessary components of a successful workforce training program, including qualified instructors who bring years of relevant, real-world industry experience.”

     Customizable courses span a wide array of topics such as professional and managerial, information technology, business process, industrial, technical, safety, and health care.   Companies can apply online by visiting www.wednetpa.com.  To learn more about the WEDnetPA program, contact Merilee Madera at 724-480-3448. To find out more about CCBC’s workforce training programs and courses, contact Steve Morgan at 724-480-3583.



About WEDnetPA

The Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA) was created to make companies across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania more competitive locally, nationally and internationally, by updating and improving the skills of their employees to meet specific company needs. WEDnetPA is an alliance of educational providers across Pennsylvania — including State System universities, community colleges and other educational providers — that acts as a delivery mechanism for workforce training grants. Each provider, known as a WEDnetPA partner, serves as the point of contact for businesses accessing these training funds.