Community College of Beaver County welcomed Dr. Christopher Reber, College President as of July 1, 2014, to campus at a greeting  yesterday  morning.

     Dr. Reber shared his thoughts about his role as the President of Community College of Beaver County, what he values as a leader and his vision for the future of the College. 

     “I am looking forward to getting to know the students, faculty, staff, and administrators of the College,” said Reber. “I have experienced several presidential transitions and this is a milestone that impacts everyone. I understand the feelings associated with leadership changes and would like you to understand my own view of leadership.”

     Dr. Reber aspires to be a “servant leader” who supports all efforts and successes, values a lively exchange of ideas, and celebrates everyone’s contributions.  He hopes to “work together to address challenges and opportunities.”

     Dr. Reber’s vision for the future of the College is one that focuses on growth and meeting the needs of the community that the College serves. He wants to lead and support efforts to develop new programs that address high-priority  needs of the region and lead to meaningful employment; grow partnerships with other institutions to provide ladders to 4-year and graduate degrees so that students do not lose credits during the transfer process; cultivate connections in the community to increase outreach and engagement; increase diversity across campus; provide more services to non-traditional students, including offering more courses on evenings and weekends; build more relationships with K-12 in order to cultivate  students’ interest in attending college; grow program accreditation;  increase on-campus programming including evening and weekend activities; and  expand fundraising and friend-raising in order to create opportunities to further develop the college and serve the region.

     “Together, we can do more than anyone here likely thinks possible,” said Dr. Reber.  “I pledge my full support to our community, both on campus and off campus, and am looking forward to celebrating our successes, working through our challenges, and being your advocate.” 

     Additionally, Dr. Reber values student-centeredness and views student success as the College’s success.

     “Over the years, I have been inspired by so many students; they are often heroic and courageous. I constantly learn from the students,” said Reber. ”It is an honor to work in an institution that provides opportunities that are life-changing and transformational.”

     As the College approaches its 50th anniversary in 2016, Dr. Reber notes the importance of this occasion as a time of reflecting upon past achievements and the contributions of those before us, and setting goals to promote the continued growth of the College in service to students and the region.

     “CCBC is a great institution that is focused on the right principles – student success and community engagement. This anniversary is a great time to assess how far we’ve come and articulate our vision for the future.”

     Dr. Reber has devoted his entire 33-year career to higher education and the communities in which he has lived and worked. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Latin from Dickinson College, a master’s degree in college student personnel administration from Bowling Green State University, and a Ph.D. in higher education from the University of Pittsburgh. He also holds a post-graduate certificate from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.