On November 9, 2019, air traffic controllers, professional pilots and aviation leaders will come together to celebrate the anniversary and renaming at the CCBC 50 Years of Flight Gala. The evening will also feature a keynote address from Jeff Skiles, co-pilot of the "Miracle on the Hudson." 

Johnson distinguished himself in the field of aviation by becoming an instructor, mentor and “coach” to a generation of future pilots and air traffic controllers graduated from CCBC. According to Kolton Codner, CCBC chief of staff and executive director of advancement and sponsored programs, Johnson’s work set a course for CCBC to positively impact the quality of student education in aviation, facilitated opportunities for graduates to pursue careers in industry, and earned the College a national reputation for aviation education excellence. 

“The aeronautics industry is facing a renaissance moment as it continues to grow while congruently facing a surge in its retirement-aged workforce. The time is now to open the door to future generations of aviation talent,” said Dr. Roger Davis, CCBC President. “On behalf of CCBC and current and future students who will benefit from the aviation sciences program, we are thrilled to memorialize the exceptional contributions of Mr. Johnson in fueling passionate, talented aeronautic professionals. 

“We are excited to welcome home generations of aviation leaders who all started their journey at CCBC,” Codner added.

Today, CCBC’s aviation program builds a diverse pipeline of talent for the aeronautics industry by offering two-year associates degrees in Professional Pilot, Air Traffic Control and Aerospace Management. The aviation program has also proven a successful option for the college’s High School Aviation Academy, an innovative dual-enrollment program for high school juniors and seniors, where students have the opportunity to explore aviation career paths while earning credits towards an associate degree.

About The James M. Johnson School of Aviation Sciences

In 1969, the Community College of Beaver County introduced its Aviation program. Six students and one faculty member launched the Professional Pilot program in Freedom, PA. Then, in 1972, it moved to its permanent home at the Beaver County Airport. 

Today, CCBC’s School of Aviation Sciences has a national reputation for its high quality and high standards. Named by American Airlines as a top innovative aviation organization for the second consecutive year, our globally-known Aviation programs have placed an air-traffic controller in every tower in the country and a professional pilot behind the cockpit with every major airline in the United States.

CCBC’s Aviation High School Academy is charting a course for future pilots and air traffic controllers by providing Western Pennsylvania’s high school students with transformational educational and career-related experiences. 

Located at the Beaver County Airport, CCBC’s Aviation Sciences Center houses state-of-the art flight simulators, classrooms, and labs. The ATC program is one of only two in the country with its own student-operated control tower.