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Multiskilled Health Technician

Certificate Offered

Credits Required: 18

With our Multiskilled Health Technician certificate program, in just 12 months, you will develop the skills you need to work as a nurse aide, phlebotomist, or an EKG technician. Choose a specific training course or master the entire curriculum to become a well-rounded healthcare professional.

Curriculum - 1st Year

First Semester - 9 Credits

MSHT 104
Commun Skills for Health Care Work
This course prepares the student to communicate in the healthcare environment. Emphasis is placed on patient interaction; intra-team communication; meeting the public; requisitions and reports; scheduling appointments; and basic computer skills. 3-0-3
MSHT 100
Nurse Aide
The principles of basic patient care are covered in this course. Emphasis is placed on vital signs; ethics; body mechanics; bed making; bathing; feeding; and infection control to include variations for providing care in the home setting. The course includes a clinical rotation in a long-term care facility. Upon successful completion, the student is eligible to sit for the PA Nurse Aide Competency Exam. 45 hrs. Lecture, 60 hrs. Lab, 75 hrs. Clinical Experience 3-9-6

Second Semester - 6 Credits

MSHT 102
Intro to Medical Laboratory
This introductory course combines phlebotomy skills with the performance of basic medical laboratory tests while emphasizing quality assurance and patient well-being. In addition, students learn laboratory safety; infection control; ethics; basic instrumentation; and the collection, transportation, and processing of a variety of specimens. Upon successful completion of this course and MSHT103, Clinical Phlebotomy, the student will be eligible to sit for the National ASCP registry exam for phlebotomists. 45 hrs. Lecture, 45 hrs. Lab 3-3-4
MSHT 103
Clinical Phlebotomy
Students are assigned to a clinical facility for 100 hours where they will receive experience in venipuncture, capillary puncture and specimen processing. Scheduling is by appointment. Scheduled times will involve early hours and a variety of shifts. The student must achieve a minimum score of 85% in the venipuncture and capillary proficiency critical of MSHT102 to be assigned to a clinical facility. Clinical hrs. 100 Prerequisite: MSHT102 0-6-2

Third Semester - 3 Credits

MSHT 105
A beginning course for those desiring to learn the fundamentals of operating an EKG machine. Topics include anatomy and physiology of the human heart; cardiac conduction system; placement of a 12-lead EKG; errors and artifacts; recognition of abnormalities; critical thinking; safety; and infection control. 3-0-3