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Multiskilled Health Technician

Certificate Offered

Credits Required: 18

With our Multiskilled Health Technician certificate program, in just 12 months, you will develop the skills you need to work as a nurse aide, phlebotomist, or an EKG technician. Choose a specific training course or master the entire curriculum to become a well-rounded healthcare professional.

Gainful Employment Info

Curriculum - 1st Year

First Semester - 9 Credits

MSHT 104
Commun Skills for Health Care Work
This course prepares the student to communicate in the healthcare environment. Emphasis is placed on patient interaction; intra-team communication; meeting the public; requisitions and reports; scheduling appointments; and basic computer skills. 3-0-3
MSHT 100
Nurse Aide
The principles of basic patient care are covered in this course. Emphasis is placed on vital signs; ethics; body mechanics; bed making; bathing; feeding; and infection control to include variations for providing care in the home setting. The course includes a clinical rotation in a long-term care facility. Upon successful completion, the student is eligible to sit for the PA Nurse Aide Competency Exam. [45 hrs. Lecture/ 60 hrs. Lab/ 75 hrs. Clinical Experience] 3-9-6

Second Semester - 6 Credits

MSHT 102
Intro to Medical Laboratory
This introductory course combines phlebotomy skills with the performance of basic medical laboratory tests while emphasizing quality assurance and patient well-being. In addition, students learn laboratory safety; infection control; ethics; basic instrumentation; and the collection, transportation, and processing of a variety of specimens. Upon successful completion of this course and MSHT103, Clinical Phlebotomy, the student will be eligible to sit for the National ASCP registry exam for phlebotomists. [45 hrs. Lecture/45 hrs. Lab] 3-3-4
MSHT 103
Clinical Phlebotomy
Students are assigned to a clinical facility for 100 hours where they will receive experience in venipuncture, capillary puncture and specimen processing. Scheduling is by appointment. Scheduled times will involve early hours and a variety of shifts. The student must achieve a minimum score of 85% in the venipuncture and capillary proficiency critical of MSHT102 to be assigned to a clinical facility. [Clinical hrs. 100] Prerequisite: MSHT102. 0-6-2

Third Semester - 3 Credits

MSHT 105
A beginning course for those desiring to learn the fundamentals of operating an EKG machine. Topics include anatomy and physiology of the human heart; cardiac conduction system; placement of a 12-lead EKG; errors and artifacts; recognition of abnormalities; critical thinking; safety; and infection control. 3-0-3