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Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate

Certificate Offered

Credits Required: 31 (2017-2018 Academic Year)

The Medical Administrative Assistant track will prepare graduates to work in a variety of hospitals and other healthcare-related businesses and settings. Students w will participate in hands-on, true-to-life work situations in order to become a skilled office professional.

Studies will range from standard office skills and office procedures to developing expertise in Internet, e-mail, project management, and Microsoft Office software. This program, tailor made for today’s healthcare office professional, will provide the knowledge to efficiently handle medical coding, billing, and terminology.

Mastering such skills will give you the edge today’s employers are looking for in medical administrative professionals. Graduates of the program are prepared for positions such as: medical administrative assistant, medical office assistant, medical records assistant and medical secretary.

Students completing required courses will be eligible to take the exam for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification, the globally recognized standard for desktop skills with the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook).



Curriculum - 1st Year

First Semester - 16 Credits

OFFT 101
Keyboarding Introduction
This course affords the student the opportunity to build keyboarding speed and to improve accuracy. Proofreading and advanced formatting skills are also emphasized. 0-2-1
OFFT 110
Internet For Office
This course is an introduction of the utilization to the Internet and World Wide Web access for solving common office problems. Students will gain experience in the use of browsers and search engines to research, locate, and retrieve information necessary to efficiently operate an office. 2-2-3
OFFT 120
Microsoft Word-MOS Expert Cert.
This course is a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Word. The student will learn how to edit and format documents, work with tables, add graphics, create Web pages, merge documents, create charts and forms, and customize Word. At completion of the course, the student will be eligible for the MOS Expert Certification Exam. 2-2-3
OFFT 125
Microsoft Excel-MOS Expert Cert
The student will learn how to create worksheets, work with charts, pivot tables and use 'what if' analysis. At completion of the course, the student will be eligible for the MOS Expert Certification exam. 2-2-3
OFFT 140
Medical Terminology
This course is a comprehensive introduction to medical terminology emphasizing the language of medicine today. The focus is on word parts, their usage, and their meaning. Opportunities are provided to master the definition, pronunciation, and spelling of medical terms through a wide variety of practice and reinforcement modes. 2-2-3
WRIT 101
English Composition
Students will practice expository writing and learn the academic form of the essay and research paper. Students will focus on the development of an academically sound and challenging thesis and resulting essay. The mechanics of writing will be reviewed as needed. Pre-requisite: Placement testing; successful completion of DEVS012 Reading and DEVS015 Introduction to College Writing if required, permission of the Division Director. Honors Option Available English Composition Honor students will practice expository and persuasive discourse in writing and learning the academic form of the essay and research paper. Students will focus on the development of a sound thesis for projects concerning topics of global or international significance. 3-0-3

Second Semester - 15 Credits

OFFT 141
Medical Terminology Applications
This course is an interactive study experience, using the convenience of the Internet. Students will expand their understanding of medical terminology through a unique combination of anatomy and physiology, word building principles and phonetic "sounds like" pronunciations. The course is perfect for those who want a deeper understanding of medical terminology to pursue a field in the healthcare. This course offers a balance of terminology review, content review, content application and critical thinking exercises. Comprehensive reviews of terminology and content are reinforced through a variety of recall exercises and application exercises encourage students to put concepts into practice. Pre-Req OFFT140. 2-2-3
OFFT 155
Office Procedures
The integrated office of today requires the planning, implementation, and evaluation of various projects and activities. This course will provide students the opportunity through simulations to manage a series of typical office projects. 2-2-3
OFFT 170
Microsoft Outlook-MOS Certificatio
This course is a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2002. The course includes email communications; scheduling; and managing, integrating, and customizing Outlook with the Internet. At completion of this course, the student will be eligible for the MOS Certification Exam. 2-2-3
OFFT 180
Medical Coding
This course provides the coding systems for the billing of medical and surgical procedures and services developed by the American Medical Association, the International Classification of Diseases, designed for statistical purposes and indexing of hospital records and for third party reimbursement. The purpose of this course is to provide students instruction in the skills of billing for medical and surgical procedures and services, implementing standard terminology, and uniform coding systems. Prerequisite: OFFT140 2-2-3
OFFT 185
Medical Insurance/Patient Billing
This course is an introduction to processing health insurance claims and health insurance options. All aspects of medical insurance are covered, including plan options; carrier requirements; state and federal regulations; abstracting relevant information from source documents and accurately completing billing process. Prerequisite: OFFT140 2-2-3