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If you are an online student, the CCBC Library is "your" library too! We can provide digital resources as well as have physical resources delivered to a library near you. If you need help, please call the reference desk at 724.480.3427 or email  We can do group or one-on-one orientations as well as provide virtual guidance. If we don't know the answer, we will find someone who does.


How to access  books at CCBC and the  Beaver County Library System YouTube video 

CCBC is a partner with the Beaver County Library System. We share our collection and have the same card as the county system.  This is a convenience for online students in that books can be ordered remotely and delivered to the library closest to your home or work. Here are the steps: Borrowing Books

Searching for results is not merely plugging a few keywords in the search box. To uncover your best resources, you need to work with words and critically think about your subject. It can be hard work but pays off when you find the source that supports your research paper or assignment. Here is a YouTube video from Shoreline Community College demonstrating the strategy for topic searching: Narrowing Your Search.


The Internet brims with information available at the stroke of a key. However, much of that information is unsubstantiated which makes it inappropriate for classroom assignments. The key to using websites to support your assignments is simple: Make sure the sites are proven and credible.  Here is a YouTube presentation by Hartness Community College providing clues on how to sleuth out credible web sites, the ones your professors want you to use: Use Credible Websites


Using CCBC Databases   on YouTube

CCBC Databases - The college has contracted an array of databases with credible information and studies to help students build the best foundation for their assignments.  Twenty-four hour access allows these library resources - from scholarly and news articles to eBooks _  to be accessed according to students' convenience.

How-To  At the database page, select connect to the database of your choice.  (Clue for database usage: Read the description of the database to see if its subjects match your topic. Under Ebscohost, you will find a whole array of databases. Some are specialized and others cover many topics. Ebsco's Academic Search Elite and MasterFILE Premier are multi-disciplinary.)  Sign in with your college email and password (Welcome with your student ID number is your password until you customize it). More clues: Enter your search terms.  Narrow your search with advanced search option to add more descriptors or words describing your subject. Remember to check full-text so you get the whole article. Also, use the timeline to get information from the past 3 to 5 years, unless you are doing something with a historical perspective.

Locating Articles on Ebscohost 

 Course-Specific Resources

A section on the library site has been created for information according to discipline.  The area is a pool of resources gathered by librarians and professors to aid you with understanding your subject and completing your assignments.

Click for a CCBC  Course-Specific Resources YouTube Video. 

Citing your sources:

Citation help is available remotely.  The OWL at Purdue is a premier, well-maintained reference for checking how to cite. Here at CCBC, your professors will usually require MLA or APA.  The Owl is available with the click of a mouse.  EasyBib and Citation Machine are software programs that can help with citations. These can be wonderful aids. However, remember computer-generated citations should be checked by you for accuracy. Your professor is the expert. 



Remember the library tutors onsite and Brainfuse for help also. 

Brainfuse Go into Blackboard and access under your courses.