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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Learning Lab located?

The Learning Lab is located in the upper level of the Learning Resources Center, Room 222.

What is the purpose of the Learning Lab?

The primary purpose of the Learning Lab is to offer an active learning environment which encourages students to become independent and active learners.  Students may use the Learning Lab to type papers and work on assignments for class.

A lab tutor is available for tutorial assistance in computer-related courses.  Please check the tutor schedule for tutor availability.  The lab also offers a link to Blackboard and educational software such as Pearson’s MyLabs.

How do I use the Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab operates on a drop-in basis, and an appointment is not necessary.  Then, ask a staff member about seeing a tutor or using a computer.  Tutor schedules vary each semester and are subject to change due to tutor availability.

Please keep in mind the Learning Lab is for coursework only! Please use Library or Open Computer Lab located in STC Building, Room 4114 for personal use.

Does the Learning Lab have computers that I can use to complete my homework or write my paper?

Yes.  The Learning Lab is adjacent to the Tutor Center.  There are computers and a printer available for students to use in any course in which they are enrolled.  Please keep in mind the Learning Lab does have a 10 page per day print limit.

Also, Learning Lab staff member can help you access the computer software or applications you need for your coursework.  They also will help you activate and access your online tools. You can work on papers in the Learning Lab as well.  Bring your flash drive to save your work or plan to email your work to your college or own email address.

Why do I have to sign a form when I visit the Learning Lab?

Signing a form helps track the usage of the Learning Lab.  We use this information to get funding, grant reporting purposes, and ensure adequate tutor coverage.

What software applications are installed on the computers in the Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab computers are equipped with Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10.