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Investigation and Protection

Certificate Offered

Credits Required: 16 (2017-2018 Academic Year)

This program is geared toward those individuals who are seeking employment in the field of security or private investigations. The hands-on and practical application of material in these classes will give a student the tools necessary for immediate employment in the private sector; one of the fastest growing areas in the criminal justice field.

Investigation and Protection | 16

CRIM 140
Criminal & Civil Investigation
This course covers criminal and civil investigation from the viewpoint of the private investigator. Students will learn about questionable deaths, crime scene investigations, appropriate collection of evidence, insurance related topics including casuality, fire, worker's compensation and accidental investigation. 4-0-4
CRIM 141
Serving the Business Client
This course covers background investigations, including corporate and asset, landlord and tenant, location, employment and litigation support, as well as investigations related to sexual harassment, cultural sensitivity, drugs and fraud. Vulnerability analysis and crisis intervention are covered. 3-0-3
CRIM 142
Surveillance & Technology
Surveillance and technology are essential to successful investigations. This course focuses on the technology associated with video/electronic surveillance and wiretapping. The topics of physical surveillance and reconstruction are addressed, as well as computer forensics. Students will learn the process and legality of undercover-covert operations. 3-0-3
CRIM 143
Skills for the Private Investigator
The student will learn the skills and best practices of private investigation. They will come to understand and learn business planning, ethics, courtroom procedures, report writing and conflict resolution. With safety and legality in mind, students will delve into principles of justification/use of force, law of arrest and interview and interrogation. 3-0-3
CRIM 144
Lethal Weapons ACT 235
The student will understand Pennsylvania regulations pertaining to a security officer, including prohibitions and restrictions of their certification. Classes of certification, carryiing and displaying their certification card, carrying a firearm and the Mental Health Procedure Act. To complete the firearm certification, students must achieve a minimum score on the firing range test. 2-2-3