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Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional effectiveness is the measure of how well an institution is achieving its mission and goals through the alignment of its planning, resource allocation, and assessment processes. Institutional effectiveness is concerned with the continuous improvement of a college’s spectrum of services and programs.

At Community College of Beaver County, institutional effectiveness is a priority for every area and department.  The Office of Planning, Assessment, and Improvement (OPAI) facilitates, monitors, and provides direction for all of CCBC’s institutional effectiveness efforts. Primary among these efforts are the college’s planning, assessment, and accreditation processes. The strategic allocation of resources, also central to CCBC’s effectiveness measures, is overseen by CCBC’s Office of Finance and Operations.

Access the Institutional Effectiveness Handbook HERE.

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At CCBC, strategic planning functions according to an established cycle that emphasizes a cascading process of goal-setting and embedded assessment to ensure the college remains centrally focused on its vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities and that performance is measured and evaluated on the basis of concrete outcomes.
CCBC’s strategic plan establishes the college’s overall direction and serves as the foundation for annual goal setting at all levels of the institution. The college’s 2016-2021 strategic plan is entitled Partnerships and Pathways for Progress.  For more information regarding CCBC's planning processes, please access the links below or consult the College's Institutional Effectiveness Handbook.


Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Key Performance Indicators


Strategic Plan Outcome Measures Scorecard 2016-17

Key Performance Indicators Scorecard 2016-2017


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Assessment is an integral part of CCBC’s services, programs, and planning. Various types of assessments are conducted at CCBC to inform planning efforts across the institution, including the annual assessment of student learning outcomes (SLOs), service department outcomes (SDOs), and general education competencies (GECs), which culminate in a five-year program review. At the institutional level, key performance indicators (KPIs) and annual unit-level goals are assessed annually, culminating in the assessment of five-year strategic plan outcome measures. Employee performance is also assessed at CCBC through annual performance review plans for administrators and staff as well as regular teaching evaluations for faculty members according to the Society of Faculty Bargaining Agreement. Initiatives and events are assessed by the department and/or employee hosting/leading the effort. Materials to develop evaluations for initiatives and events are available to employees from the Institutional Effectiveness web page as well as the Office of Planning, Assessment, & Improvement (OPAI).  Employees may also request the assistance of the OPAI ( to develop outcomes to appropriately assess initiatives and events as well as other college programs and services. 


Student Learning Outcomes by Program

Service Department Outcomes by Area

General Education Competencies


Program Review Process

Program Review Calendar

Program Review Template


Event Assessment Template

Session Evaluation Survey

Initiative & Inventory Scorecard Template


Outcomes Assessment Scorecard, 2014-15

Outcomes Assessment Scorecard, 2015-16

General Education Report, 2015-16

Program Reviews, 2017

Initiative & Inventory Scorecard, 2017



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Additional Resources

IE Council Charter Key Performance Minutes




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