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The CCBC Foundation is a non-profit educational trust established to secure and serve as the steward for donated funds.

These funds are used to support students through scholarships and other college activities deemed appropriate by the Foundation. In all of its efforts the Foundation will support the mission, vision, values and goals of the Community College of Beaver County.


The CCBC Foundation is committed to developing the best community college possible. We believe that we must meet the needs of all students who seek financial assistance to achieve their educational goals.

We recognize that in order for students to be successful in their chosen careers and educational paths that we must provide them with state-of-the-art facilities and curriculum resources which enable them to successfully compete for career opportunities once their educational goals are attained.

Our dream is to turn no student away who needs funds to complete their educational plan and to see that all students receive training consistent with standards they’ll encounter in their career fields.

The measure of our success will be that our graduates are highly competent and skilled professionals who provide this community with the business, health-care, industrial, manufacturing and services professionals who maintain the economic vitality and high quality of life in this community.