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SGA Meeting

9/22/2014 - 9/22/2014
SSC,conference room, lower level

SGA Meeting

9/29/2014 - 9/29/2014
SSC,conference room, lower level

Phi Theta Kappa Meeting

9/30/2014 - 9/30/2014
Library, room 215

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Recall and Deployment Assistance

If a student is recalled for deployment and has to leave the area quickly, the student should contact CCBC’s Information & Registration Center (IRC) at 724-480-3504 (fax: 724-480-3569) to submit the required information.  The IRC representative will connect you with the CCBC Director of Enrollment Services or the Campus Veteran Representative (Director of Student Financial Services) if available. 

The student should provide the following information:

·     his or her name,

·     social security number,

·     and a faxed or mailed copy of the military order or document indicating that the student must leave the area for service

College staff will:

·     confirm the student’s course schedule by listing his or her classes

·     forward all information to the Director of Enrollment Services for needed action