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SGA Awards Banquet

4/29/2015 - 4/29/2015
SSC conference room

SGA Meeting

4/29/2015 - 4/29/2015
Student Services Center, conference room


5/7/2015 - 5/7/2015
Athletics and Events Center

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College in High School Course Descriptions

Below is a listing of College in High School courses.  Not all courses are offered at every high school. Please contact your guidance counselor to determine course offerings at your high school.

BIOL100-Principles of Biology

This course provides lecture and lab experience for non-science majors through a survey of the Biological Sciences, with emphasis on Reproduction, Environmental Biology, Human Genetics, Evolution, and Anatomical Systems. Individualized instructional techniques will be incorporated into the course.  No prior science background is required. 

(4 credits)

COMM201-Public Speaking

The emphasis is on speech preparation and delivery with a variety of speaking experiences designed to improve the speaker’s capability and apply theory to correct speech practices. 

(3 credits)

HIST101-Western Civilization I

Survey course in the civilization of the west which is concerned with the development of that civilization from Paleolithic man to 1500.  Political and cultural changes are emphasized. 

(3 credits)

HIST102  Western Civilization II

This is a survey course of the civilization of the West concerned with the development from 1500 to present.  Political and cultural changes are emphasized.

(3 credits)

HIST111 -U.S. History I

HIST 111 is a survey course in the history of the United States from the discovery of America to 1865.  Political, social and cultural changes are emphasized. 

(3 credits)


This course traces the United States’ involvement in Vietnam from the end of World War II through its collapse.  Particular attention is given to the containment and domino theories, the attempts to quantify warfare, the disparate cultures, domestic politics, and psychological demoralization.

(3 credits)

LITR 210-Concepts of Literature

The course introduces students to the three major forms of literacy expression:  fiction, poetry, and drama.  Significant works from each form will be analyzed to reveal creative techniques, how they represent an author’s time, and how they reflect today’s human condition. Prerequisite: WRIT 101

(3 credits)

MATH130-College Algebra

The functional approach is stressed with such topics as properties of the real number system, linear functions and equations, exponents, radicals, functions, systems of equations, complex numbers, quadratic equations, and additional topics at the discretion of the instructor. Prerequisite: Based on in-house diagnostic testing

(3 credits)


This course is an introduction to a field whose ideas and concepts pervade modern society and whose importance in business, technology, science, and research is considerable and ever growing.  The course consists of three parts, namely, descriptive statistics, probability, and inferential statistics. Prerequisite: Based on in-house diagnostic testing

(4 credits)


This course is designed to give students a firm background in algebra and trigonometry in preparation for calculus.  Topics include detailed study of polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic and trigonometric functions, along with an introduction to matrices and conic sections. Prerequisite: MATH130, in-house diagnostic testing and high school records or permission of the instructor

(3 credits)

MATH160-Calculus I

This course provides an introduction to the ideas and applications of calculus.  The major topics studied are limits and continuity; differentiation; applications of differentiation; and integration. Prerequisite:  MATH155

(3 credits)

PSYC101  General Psychology

This course examines the scientific study of behavior and mental processes and provides a survey of the major areas of psychology. Important topics and findings from psychology are reviewed.  Topics include the role of science in the study of behavior, the biological foundations of behavior, learning, information processing, stress and health, social interaction, development, motivation, emotion, and psychological disorders. 

(3 credits)

SPAN101-Spanish I

This is an elementary course for those who have never studied Spanish.  There will be emphasis on the development of the four fundamental language skills:  speaking, reading, listening, and writing.  Vocabulary acquisition and basic grammar structures will be stressed.

(3 credits)

SPAN102-Spanish II

This is an elementary course for those who have successfully completed Spanish I or for those with high school Spanish.  Emphasis will be on understanding, reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary acquisition, and basic grammar structures. Prerequisite:  SPAN101 Spanish I

(3 credits)

WRIT101-English Composition

Students will practice expository writing and learn the academic form of the essay and research paper.  Students will focus on the development of an academically sound and challenging thesis and resulting essay.  The mechanics of writing will be reviewed as needed. Prerequisite: Based on in-house diagnostic testing

(3 credits)