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Admissions Requirements

Before being accepted into the Police Academy candidates must:

  • Provide a physical examination form completed by a doctor certifying that they meet the physical requirements mandated by the MPOETC.
  • Complete and pass a Pre-Entry Psychological and Reading Exam. Candidates must have a 9th grade minimum reading / comprehension level. 
  • Complete and pass a Pre-Entry Physical Abilities Exam.
  • Provide a Criminal History and Full Driving History meeting the requirements required by MPOETC.
  • Pay tuition in full or make arrangements for aid if applicable at the college cashiers office. 
  • Purchase sufficient uniforms,shoes and PT gear as specified by the Academy.
  • Provide all necessary paperwork and complete all testing as described in the entry-level application before you can be accepted into the Academy.

Included as part of tuition:

The following will be provided as part of your tuition:

  • Required books, paper, pencil, handout materials.
  • Use of Glock Model 17 9mm semi-automatic pistol and 2000 rounds of ammunition and Remington .12 Ga. Shotgun and ammo and Bushmaster-A3CarbineHeavy16"Barrel ModelBCWA3F16,Semi-Auto,.223cal with .223 ammo.
  • Use of police vehicles for patrol procedures and defensive driving classes.
  • Over 919 hours of quality Act 120 training presented by dedicated and experienced staff and instructors.

Graduation & PA Certification

To graduate you will be required to:

  • Successfully complete 27 exams, covering 5 modules of training, with a minimum score of 80% (MPOETC requires dismissal from the Academy upon failure of one module)

To be certified as a police officer in Pennsylvania:

  • You will be required to pass a certification exam administered by MPOETC officials after being hired as a police officer to be certified for employment as a police officer in Pennsylvania.

The following links will help interested persons with any questions regarding Act 120 Certification and requirements for certification:

  •   Municipal Police Officers Education & Training Commission Website
  • Pennsylvania State Police Website
    * Criminal History Check can be obtained online by going to the Patch application link

    NOTE: All applicants must complete and return the Physical Examination Form included with the application and pay the application fee ($250.00) before they will be permitted to take the pre-entry testing. Applicants will be notified by mail of testing dates.